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27 May 2021 02:29 PM

Oxygen Cylinders to the needy patients are supplied on emergency basis

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Here I Am is an initiative by the Archdiocese of Bangalore to supply Oxygen Cylinders to the needy patients affected by Co-vid. These cylinders are supplied only on emergency basis

*Please send the below details on whatsapp to Gitanjali 9845498989

Rex- 9844017363*

1) Name of the Patient

2) BU No

3) SRF No

4) Aadhaar card - copy

5) Patients mobile number

6) Care takers Mobile number

7) Hospital Prescription

The Cylinders & Regulator will be supplied only on Emergency basis for 3 days (However NRB/ NIV Masks will have to be procured from the Pharmacy). The cylinders will have to be picked up & dropped back to our warehouse situated at Hebbal

For more information

1) *Catherine* - 88921 48993

2) *Gitanjali*- +919845498989

3) *Rex Dsilva*- 9844017363

4) *Eric Dsilva*- 9845544364

This is completely free, available for all and supported by Bangalore Archdiocese.

Kindly share it with your friends, relatives & your groups.

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