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11 May 2021 04:37 PM

Covid positive Diet

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1. Arathi 

Contact: 9731960039, 9448208825

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner together at Rs. 260. 

Minimum order for 7 days

Areas: Across Mysore

2. Dhanya Uthappa

Contact: 9008509850

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Each meal Rs. 100 including delivery 

Areas: Sidharthanagar, Agrahara, Rajivnagar, Nazarbad areas

3. Food box Mysuru

Contact: 9620212227

Breakfast Rs. 60, lunch Rs. 100, Dinner Rs. 90 including delivery 

All across Mysore 

4. Gud fud Mysore (Hemanth)

Contact: 8792190072, 9591026394

Breakfast Rs. 100, lunch Rs. 120, Dinner Rs. 150 

Delivery charges extra 

All across Mysore

Shared by: Mohan Raj R

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