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25 Apr 2021 03:10 PM

ACT Grants | Domestic and International Donations

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About ACT Grants

We believe anything is possible when founders, investors, venture capitalists and tech entrepreneurs come together for a larger purpose.

We believe the start-up ecosystem has the power to solve societal problems at scale. 

We believe founders who build successful businesses can also build the foundations for a better world. 

Leaders who create great shareholder value also have the empathy to create greater shared value. 

We believe in collective action!

Together we are backing India’s best social entrepreneurs to combat COVID-19 using inventive start-up thinking. 

We are supporting ideas that are capital efficient, scale ready and are creating immediate impact. 

We started with COVID-19 and health and now are making a difference in environment, education and empowerment of women.

We are finding solutions using innovative technologies, and we are driving it fast.

If you’re a venture capitalist or a philanthropist. If you are an entrepreneur or a person with an idea, a tech start-up or a social change activist. Or a passionate individual who feels the way we feel … We believe you have something to give.

Volunteer your time and expertise, or simply join the community and become our ambassador and spread the good word. Your action is our resource. 

We believe in the energy of the flow to create a wave of change. We believe transformation is happening and we will see it in our lifetime. 

Join the flow, get involved, act now…

We believe everyone can be co-founder of social change!

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